Rebika: Empowering a Safer Global Crypto Space.

Community is key: Rebika’s power lies in collective knowledge and support.


About Rebika

Rebika is the first edu-coin community, empowering investors through education, transparency, and collaboration. It’s the savvy lion cub with a roar, ready to shake up the crypto game with honesty and a dash of playful defiance. It’s a beacon of hope in a chaotic crypto world, combining a playful spirit with the wisdom of a seasoned investor.

Rebika Learning Hub

Understanding Blockchain Technology
Decentralised Web
Demystifying Cryptocurrency Basics
Wallet Management and Security
Fundamental Analysis of Crypto Projects

Rebika Ecosystem

Welcome to the heart of the Rebika community! Here, we thrive on collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. Explore the diverse components of our ecosystem that drive our mission forward:

The Growing Rebika Ecosystem

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop at education. Rebika is building a suite of powerful tools and opportunities to fuel your crypto journey. Here’s a preview of what’s in store:

Rebika Swap: Seamless Token Exchange
  • Trade Rebika and other cryptocurrencies directly within our ecosystem.
  • Fast transactions, user-friendly interface, and competitive rates
Staking: Earn Rewards for Your Commitment
  • Support the network and earn passive income by staking your Rebika tokens.
  • Flexible lock-up periods and attractive rewards make it easy to grow your holdings.
Rebika NFTs: Unlock Exclusive Perks
  • Our unique NFTs will offer more than just digital art.
  • Potential benefits include:
    ▪ Early access to new features
    ▪ Enhanced staking rewards
    ▪ Governance power in the Rebika DAO
The Future is Bright: Our Roadmap
  • We’re always exploring new ways to empower our community. On the horizon:
    ▪ Rebika Launchpad: Supporting vetted new edu- coin crypto projects
    ▪ Educational tools and games that make learning fun
  • …And more! Join us on this journey as we build the future of responsible crypto investing together.

Tokenomics: Building a Sustainable Future

The Rebika project has a total supply of 900 billion Rebika tokens. Our carefully designed token distribution ensures long-term sustainability, community empowerment, and market health


[20%] Vested over 3 years to ensure project commitment

Marketing & Community Building

[10%] Funds for awareness campaigns and educational resources

Fair Launch

[30%] Transparent initial offering

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

[20%] Funding further development and expansion

Follow-on Coin Offering (FCO)

[20%] Potential for additional funding, broadening investor base

Rebika Statistics

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Rebika contract addresses

BSC: 0x37C77962dC5aEC0CeCB958c9f0Cd9d280Af8Db0c

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Why Rebika?

Rebika is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), known for its speed and lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum. We champion the following core values:

Education is Our Core

Education is Our Core

We provide comprehensive resources and tools to empower you with the knowledge needed for safe and successful crypto investing.

Utility + Education

Utility + Education

Rebika offers a robust ecosystem with swap, staking, etc. Alongside these tools, we teach you how to use them responsibly and strategically.

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth

Your voice matters! Rebika’s future will be shaped by our holders through DAO, voting and the likes.

Transparency & Trust

Transparency & Trust

We prioritize open communication. Our tokenomics, roadmap, and team are committed to building a sustainable project worthy of your trust.

The Lion Cub Spirit

The Lion Cub Spirit

Yes, we’re serious about crypto, but we also believe learning should be fun! Rebika brings a playful energy to the often-chaotic crypto space.

Technology Stack: Building on a Strong Foundation

Rebika leverages the power and versatility of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to provide users with a secure, scalable, and cost-effective experience. Here’s why we chose BSC



BSC offers high throughput and fast transaction processing, crucial for a cryptocurrency designed for widespread adoption.



Binance Smart Chain is known for its low transaction fees.

Cross-Chain Compatibility

Cross-Chain Compatibility

BSC’s interoperability with other major blockchains allows Rebika to potentially bridge to different ecosystems, expanding its reach and use cases.

Ease of Development

Ease of Development

The robust developer tools and community around BSC provide a streamlined environment for Rebika’s ongoing development and deployment of new features or updates.

From Launch to Legacy: Rebika's Development Journey

Rebika’s roadmap outlines key milestones for growth and development:

Phase 1: Launch & Community Building
Phase 2: Fair Launch & Strategic Resource Allocation
Phase 3: Building Infrastructure, Community, & Support Networks
Phase 4: Action, Outreach and Expansion
Phase 5: Building a Sustainable Ecosystem
Phase 6: Long-Term Growth and Sustainability

Your Guide to a Brighter Crypto Future

Rebika isn’t just a meme coin – it’s a movement. We are building a community of empowered investors who believe in the transformative potential of crypto. By prioritizing education, transparency, and collaboration, Rebika aims to create a more sustainable and inclusive crypto future, one where we embark on a sustainable journey together.